Associate, Colombia, 1989
Los Andes University, Bogotá, Colombia
Bachelor of Architecture in 1989

During his internship prior to graduating from Los Andes University in Colombia, Mr. Martinez spent two years building his experience in high-end residential project design. This led to a permanent position where, for the following ten years, he continued to work designing multifamily residential projects and commercial office buildings.

Mr. Martinez has also worked in the public sector, for the Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano (Institute of Urban Development), where over the course of one year he coordinated contracts for studies, design, and construction of major passenger stations and bus maintenance shop projects for the first phase of the new public transportation system in Bogota City. Upon his arrival in the United States Mr. Martinez went to work as a Project Architect and Project Manager for DiGeronimo PC Architects, where he had the opportunity to use his experience in collaborative design and coordination for private projects, as well as for public agencies such as the Port Authority, New Jersey Transit, the Army Corps of Engineers, and Veterans Affairs.

In 2011, Mr. Martinez joined Poskanzer Skott Architects, bringing his talents and experience to help coordinate the design and construction of the Mediacom Headquarters project, a 110,000 sq.ft. 3-story office building located in Blooming Grove, New York. In addition to his design skills, Mr. Martinez brought his Building Information Modeling (BIM) expertise, which has afforded him the opportunity to serve as in-house support for the training of the entire architectural staff, and has placed the company at the vanguard of this design technology.

With more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Martinez manages and collaborates in all phases of the architectural process, with emphasis on design, design development and construction documents phases. On a daily basis Mr. Martinez uses a variety of specialized 2D and 3D computer software to represent, visualize and support the architectural representation, in order to enhance and facilitate communication between clients, agencies, contractors and construction trades involved in projects.